Friday, February 1, 2013

Disney Wonder

Disney Wonder

Walt Disney said, "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." I have people tell me that they have always wanted to take a Disney cruise, but it's too expensive. Don't let cost keep you from pursing your dream. My tip for traveling any where you've always wanted to go is to start putting money aside in an envelope, jar, or account for that trip. Before you know it, the funds for that trip will magically grow.

I just came off a cruise on the Disney Wonder, to the Western Caribbean, and I have to say that ship is sprinkled with "pixie dust. Check out the video my mom shot.

Disney is timeliness and makes everyone smile, regardless of age. Here are 3 things I enjoyed about cruising Disney.

Dining --- Dining aboard the Disney Wonder is truly original. Each evening, your place of dining is rotated between 3 dining rooms (Parrot Cay, Triton's Palace and Animator's Palate). I liked this because it provided a different atmosphere each night. Our serving staff rotated with us and every night they provided excellent service and made suggestions on what to eat. Our main server, Alvin (not the Chipmunk) always emphasized he gave suggestions and that we could choose anything we wanted. While dining at Animator's Palate, keep an eye on the animated art work.

Pirate Night -- One night that was truly original was Pirate Night. When we came to dinner, at each place setting was a red, pirate bandana. Some guests wore the bandana on their heads, others who didn't want to mess up their hair, wore it on their arm. After the meal, servers paraded around the dining room and invited the guests to join them in a march around the room and the limbo. Then later on in the evening, we made our way up to the deck for the Pirate Party. Music, laughter and entertainment filled the Caribbean air. The evening was topped off with fireworks. What a fun-filled night!

Entertainment -- As a professional singer, I enjoy sitting back and enjoying a great show. Disney is not only the "Happiest Place on Earth," their shows are top notch. My favorite show was Toy Story, The Musical. Literally, words cannot express this show. The cast was phenomenal. The actors who played Woody and Sid did an incredible job! The lighting (including laser lights featuring Tinker Bell flying across the curtain), set design, sound, special effects, etc., all made this show incredible.

Disney Wonder was voted the friendliest ship around. I can see why they respectfully earned this honor. Everyone made this voyage memorable. If you'd like more information on the Disney Wonder, Adventures by Disney or any other travel destinations, let me know.

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