Sunday, February 26, 2012

10 Reasons to Cruise - Part I

10 Reasons to Cruise
Part I
By Janelle Woodyard

1)   Unpack Once: 

One reason I like to cruise is because once I get on board, I unpack my suitcase and don’t have to repack until it’s time to get off the ship.  I’ve been on non-cruise vacations where I have lived out of my suitcase.  Other vacations required a couple days at several different hotels, and I found myself packing and unpacking every other day. As a traveler, I do what I need to; however, there’s something to be said about hanging my dresses in the closet and putting clothes in the drawers for the duration of a trip.  Need a place to put your suitcase once you unpack?  Stow it under the bed.

2)   Children’ Activities:

As a mom and educator, I always make it a priority to visit the children’s activity areas.  Cruise lines have incredible children’s programs (in particular Disney, Carnival, and Royal Caribbean).  Each of these cruise lines have top-notch programs.  Parents and grandparents can feel secure knowing their little loved ones are well taken care of with crafts, sports, and activities which educate and entertain.  Don’t be surprised if your little one is excited about going back to participate in the programs.

3)   Family and Friend Time:

Cruises allow families and friends to spend time together.  Several years ago, we went on a family and friends cruise to the Caribbean.  We had so much fun and laughed so much.  Even to this day, we all look back at that particular cruise and can reminisce about allthe food we ate and the miles of laughter we logged.  Cruising with family and friends is a fabulous way to make incredible memories.  In fact, I think we’re due for another family and friends cruise.  Where would you want to cruise: Eastern or Western Caribbean?

4)   Food:

Speaking of food, cruise lines have state of the art chefs preparing the cuisine. Not only do they know how to cook, the presentation of the food is truly a work of art.  In fact, sometimes choices on the dinner menu look so inviting, I have a hard time deciding how to please my palate.  I have been known to order a couple appetizers at one sitting.  Dinner menus change every night so what is listed on the menu on Monday night might not be on the menu for the rest of the cruise.  Live with no regrets…especially when it comes to desserts.!/JanelleWoodyard/status/173500275737362432/photo/1

5)    Family Entertainment:

Cruise lines know how to provide family entertainment from poolside games, comedy routines, to incredible music shows.  Cruise lines offer evening shows of the highest professional caliber.  As a singer, the quality of a show is high on my priority list, and I expect the best from the cruise lines.  There are two music shows I will never forget.  One was a tribute to the Beetles, Ticket to Ride, on Carnival,  The other one was the hit Broadway musical Saturday Night Fever, on Royal Caribbean,  I believe the cruise lines have some of the best talent in musicians, dancers, and singers.

Next week, 10 Reasons to Cruise Part II.  What are some reasons you cruise?

Friday, February 17, 2012

Increase in Cruises Boost Sales In Brevard

Cruising in the Caribbean has never been more popular.  As tourists continue to visit Port Canaveral, local businesses are profiting.  According to today's issue of Orlando Business Journal,